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Color weekend pay more attention to the bold color collocation bring new visual impact, such as moss green and orange, rose red, bright yellow + blue glaze, bleaching and navy blue fabric with natural fabrics, all kinds of printing, embroidery, especially printed totem and traditio ethnic patterns of surface material favored, cotton, Shaka and coated fabrics to be optimistic, denim back in fashion. Styles, hippie culture in vogue again pursue alternative and relaxation such as adjusting the length of the detachable skirt, trousers; seven minutes, five minutes of sleeve prevailed. Zippers, Velcro, nylon rope touch buckle.These mistakes actually help them avoid spam filterspop-up to provide you with informationattachment or software update via emailMany fake emails will include an attachmentAll these products use completely new technology and material. These five series products focus on different customers.
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